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Post-partum shapewear

Postpartum shapewear is a type of clothing designed to help women regain their pre-pregnancy body shape after giving birth. It is worn during the postpartum period, which is the time after delivery when a woman’s body is going through many changes, including hormonal fluctuations and physical recovery.

Postpartum shapewear is designed to provide support and compression to the abdomen, hips, and thighs. This can help reduce swelling, provide additional support to the muscles that have been stretched during pregnancy, and promote healing of any incisions or tears that may have occurred during childbirth.

Some common types of postpartum shapewear include compression shorts, girdles, belly bands, and corsets. These garments are often made from a stretchy, breathable material and are designed to be worn discreetly under clothing.

While postpartum shapewear can be helpful for some women, it is important to remember that it is not a substitute for a healthy diet and exercise. It is also important to talk to your healthcare provider before using any type of postpartum shapewear to make sure it is safe for you and your body.

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